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The ICTS Visual Arts Test

Passing the ICTS Visual Arts Test is essential to be certified to teach visual arts in the state of Illinois. The exam is a criterion-referenced, objective-based test of 125 multiple-choice questions as mandated by the Content Area Standards for Educators. There are four important subareas covered in the ICTS Visual Arts Test: Elements, Principles, and Expressive Features of the Visual Arts; Creating and Producing Works of Visual Art; Analyzing and Evaluating Works of Visual Art; and the Role of the Visual Arts.

The subareas include 15 objective statements. These generalized statements about the visual arts are accompanied by detailed descriptive statements that concern identifying and demonstrating the information. The ICTS Visual Arts Test requires a total score of 240 or higher to pass. Scores for the individual subareas as well as the total test scores are mailed out four weeks after the test date.

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Last Updated: 06/26/2014