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The ICTS Science: Physics Exam

The ICTS Science: Physics Test is what the Illinois State Board of Education uses to assess and certify teachers. It is a standardized, criterion-referenced, objective-based test of 125 multiple-choice questions. The information on the ICTS Science: Physics Test covers six key subareas: Science and Technology; Life Science; Physical Science; Earth Systems and the Universe; Physics Skills, Motion, Forces, and Waves; and Heat, Electricity, Magnetism, and Modern Physics.

The subareas include 26 broad scientific objectives, which are broken down into detailed descriptive statements to demonstrate the test-taker's understanding of physics. A total score of 240 or above is required to pass the ICTS Science: Physics Test. A score for each subarea is reported along with the total test score to indicate areas of strength and weakness. The scores are sent to test takers four weeks after the exam.

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Last Updated: 06/26/2014