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The ICTS Science: Environmental Science Exam

Science teachers focusing on environmental science must pass the ICTS Science: Environmental Science Test in order to be certified by the Illinois State Board of Education. The test administrators provide scientific calculators to those taking the exam. The ICTS Science: Environmental Science Test is a criterion-referenced, objective-based test of 125 multiple-choice questions covering six main subareas: Science and Technology; Life Science; Physical Science; Earth Systems and the Universe; the Physical and Living Environment; and Environmental Issues.

The six subareas include 25 broad objective statements as well as descriptive statements that determine one's ability to demonstrate and apply knowledge of environmental science. Passing the ICTS Science: Environmental Science Test requires a total score of 240 or higher. Test scores are mailed out four weeks after the test is taken. The total score is broken down by subarea to inform recipients of their strong areas as well as areas needing improvement.

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Last Updated: 06/26/2014