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The ICTS School Social Worker Exam

The state of Illinois requires social workers to pass the ICTS School Social Worker Test in order to work in schools. The exam is a criterion-referenced, objective-based test in accordance with the Content Area Standards for Educators in Illinois. The test consists of 125 multiple-choice questions. The ICTS School Social Worker Test has four major subareas: Social Work Theories, Interventions, and Services; Assessment, Planning, and Evaluation; Consultation, Collaboration, Advocacy, and Facilitation; and the Learning Community and the School Social Worker.

There are 19 broad objective statements across the four subareas, along with descriptive statements. The descriptive statements apply to specific information and show the test taker's ability to demonstrate and apply knowledge. A total score of 240 or above is required to pass the ICTS School Social Worker Test. Scores are mailed out four weeks after the test is taken, and the score reports include the total score as well as scores for individual subareas.

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Last Updated: 06/26/2014