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The ICTS School Psychologist Exam

The Illinois State Board of Education certifies school psychologists based on their performance on the ICTS School Psychologist Test. This criterion-referenced, objective-based test of 125 multiple-choice questions conforms to the criteria of the Content Area Standards for Educators in Illinois. There are three main subareas addressed in the ICTS School Psychologist Test: Human Development, Diversity, and Learning; Prevention, Intervention, and Collaboration to Support Students; and Schools, Systems, Research, and the Practice of School Psychology.

The three subareas of the ICTS School Psychologist Test include 16 broad objective statements. There are also more detailed descriptive statements that illustrate one's ability to identify and demonstrate the knowledge associated with the objective statements. Four weeks after the test date, individual scores are mailed out. Passing the ICTS School Psychologist Test requires a total score of 240 or higher. The score report includes the total score along with scores for each subarea.

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Last Updated: 06/26/2014