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ICTS Exam Practice

Succeeding at your ICTS assessments is a matter of understanding the material and being prepared for the types of test questions. Passing the first time will depend upon ICTS practice.

In order to structure practice time, you need to know two things. First, determine how you learn best. What kind of environment do you need? What types of materials help you most? How should you divide study time for most effective retention? Second, consider lifestyle obligations. The days and weeks you give to your ICTS practice are limited. You (and those around you) will need to understand it requires some sacrifices. But it's equally important that you don't abandon your life. You'll need to tailor your review to accommodate the basic needs of your spouse, kids, job and other obligations.

So, how do you learn best? For some, distractions like the radio, visits from family members, background noise, even a ringing phone are enough to force an ICTS practice session to an end. Others thrive on organized chaos and find absolute silence becomes its own kind of distraction. Some people learn best by listening to an instructor or tapes; others need to write down information in order to make it stick. Find your own style of ICTS practice. Purchasing a study guide or flashcards, downloading online materials to work on the computer, joining study groups, or taking a preparatory class (online or at a local college) are all options. Regardless of how you learn best, all test - takers will need to spend plenty of focused practice on practice test questions. For this reason, we are providing a substantial number of high - quality, free, no - strings questions to give you a sense of what you know (and what you don't).

If you've got a significant other, kids, and work commitments you'll need to enlist everyone's support. Negotiate for enough ICTS practice time now by reminding them that the ultimate payoff will be a better - paying job and work schedule. Recognize, however, that while everyone needs to sacrifice a bit, it's unrealistic to expect them to sacrifice too much. Consider ways to involve your family in your study time. Your mate and kids would probably be delighted to help you study using flashcards as well as the free questions we are providing. This is a good way to spend quality time, and it also makes them an important part of the process. Remember, when you succeed at your ICTS practice, you'll succeed on your ICTS tests!

Last Updated: 06/26/2014