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ICTS Music Exam

The Illinois Content Area Standards for Educators guidelines are included in the ICTS Music Test to determine teacher certification. It is a standardized, criterion-referenced, objective-based, multiple-choice test of 125 questions. The test is divided into five subareas: Listening Skills; Music Theory; Creating and Performing Music; Music History and Culture; and Music Education.

The subareas of the test include 22 basic objective statements. There are also descriptive statements that provide more precise information relating to the general objective statements about music. The ICTS Music Test determines the test taker's ability to demonstrate and apply the knowledge outlined in the objective and descriptive statements. A passing test is a total score of 240 or higher. Each test taker's score is mailed out four weeks after the test is taken. The total score is broken down by subarea so that test takers can be aware of weak areas along with strong areas.

ICTS Music Exam Study Questions

ICTS Music Exam Study Questions

ICTS Music Exam Answer Key

Last Updated: 06/26/2014