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ICTS Mathematics Exam

The ICTS Mathematics Test verifies the ability of teachers to specialize in mathematics in the state of Illinois. No calculators are provided at the testing site, but test takers are encouraged to bring graphing calculators without their manuals. This exam of 125 multiple-choice questions is a criterion-referenced, objective-based test. The ICTS Mathematics Test is divided into five subareas: Processes and Applications; Number Sense and Measurement; Algebraic Patterns, Symbols, Functions, and Models; Geometric Methods; and Probability and Statistics.

A total score of 240 or higher is necessary to pass the test. Each subarea of the ICTS Mathematics Test consists of objective statements and descriptive statements. There are 20 objective statements that test for basic knowledge of math skills. The descriptive statements are detailed applications of the objectives. Scores for the ICTS Mathematics Test are released four weeks after the test date. Along with the total score, a score for each subarea is reported to indicate areas that need improvement.

ICTS Mathematics Exam Study Questions

ICTS Mathematics Exam Study Questions

ICTS Mathematics Exam Answer Key

Last Updated: 06/26/2014