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The ICTS Health Careers Test

The ICTS Health Careers Test is used by the state of Illinois to establish the test taker's proficiency in the subject. This test determines who is certified according to the guidelines of the Illinois Content Area Standards for Educators. The test is a standardized, criterion-referenced, objective-based exam of 125 multiple-choice questions broken down into five subareas: Health Concepts, Issues, and Skills; Human Biology, Growth and Development, and Interpersonal Relationships; Health Maintenance and Disease Prevention; Patient Care, Safety Precautions, and Health-Related Information; and Career and Educational Skills.

The subareas of the ICTS Health Careers Test have 22 different objectives. Test takers are evaluated on their ability to address the basic objectives and apply their understanding of the comprehensive description statements. Passing the test requires a total score of 240 or higher. Scores are mailed four weeks after the exam and include both the total test score and subarea scores.

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Last Updated: 06/26/2014