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ICTS Drama/Theatre Arts Exam

The ICTS Drama/Theatre Arts Test is a multiple-choice test of 125 questions. The Illinois Content Area Standards for Educators uses the test to certify teachers in Illinois in the subject of drama/theatre arts. This is a standardized, criterion-referenced, objective-based test of specific information. There are four distinct subareas in the ICTS Drama/Theatre Arts Test: Basic Vocabulary of Drama/Theatre; Theatrical Performance and Production; History and Literature of Theatre; and Drama/Theatre and Fine Arts Education.

There are 15 test objectives, and each includes specific descriptive statements. It is important to show knowledge of the basic terms and objectives as well as to demonstrate a detailed understanding of the descriptive statements. To pass the ICTS Drama/Theatre Arts Test, the total score must be 240 or higher. The score is also broken down by subarea to show individuals' strengths and weaknesses.

ICTS Drama/Theatre Arts Exam Study Questions

Drama/Theatre Arts Exam Study Questions

Drama/Theatre Arts Exam Answer Key

Last Updated: 06/26/2014