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ICTS Dance Exam

The ICTS Dance Test uses the Illinois Content Area Standards for Educators to determine teacher certification in the subject of dance. It is a criterion-referenced, objective-based test consisting of 125 multiple-choice questions. There are four main subareas in the ICTS Dance Test: Basic Vocabulary of Dance; Dance Creation and Production; Dance Performance Knowledge and Skills; and the Role of Dance. There are 16 individual objectives within these specific subareas.

To address the test objectives, it is necessary to answer questions covering basic information as well as to provide more detailed information found in the descriptive statements. Passing the ICTS Dance Test requires a total score of 240 or higher. When the complete test score is mailed four weeks later, it will also show a score for each individual subarea. This breakdown by subject allows each test taker to identify areas of strength or weakness.

ICTS Dance Exam Study Questions

ICTS Dance Exam Study Questions

ICTS Dance Exam Answer Key

Last Updated: 06/26/2014