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ICTS Basic Skills Exam

Administered after September 11, 2010, the ICTS Basic Skills Test (300) is used to monitor the entry-level skills of educators in Illinois. There are 125 multiple-choice questions in the first three subareas: Reading Comprehension; Language Arts; and Mathematics. The Writing subarea is tested using a constructed-response assignment. There are 18 standards addressed in the subareas of the ICTS Basic Skills Test (300), and each one has supporting descriptive statements.

Two readers score the constructed-response assignment on a six-point scale. If there is more than a single point difference between the scores, a third reader will also score the assignment. This score is combined with the score for the multiple-choice questions to create a scaled score from 100 to 300. A total scaled score of 240 or above is required to pass the ICTS Basic Skills Test (300). It is possible to request a rescore for tests not taken on a computer, but there is a $50 fee for doing so.

ICTS Basic Skills Exam Study Questions

ICTS Basic Skills Exam Study Questions

ICTS Basic Skills Exam Answer Key

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