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Illinois Certification Testing System

ICTS Test Review The ICTS was developed in cooperation with Illinois teachers, teaching educators and Pearson's Evaluation Systems. The tests reflect the level of skill, ability, and knowledge required of Illinois public school teachers and administrators. Questions are designed to ensure their alignment with standards established by the federal government and state of Illinois. They are also field - tested and periodically reviewed to guarantee their relevance to their particular fields.

These objective, criterion - referenced tests are designed to recognize candidates possessing essential academic and professional knowledge and skills needed to offer a satisfactory level of instruction to the public school students of Illinois. ICTS tests are scored based upon set educational standards. Candidate rating is objective. Tests are not ranked against one another. Passing scores are determined based upon recommendations of experienced professionals in the field of education.

Free ICTS Exam Study Questions

The tests are organized into a number of categories. Some ICTS categories offer tests that consist of both multiple - choice and constructed - response questions. Others contain tests featuring only multiple - choice or only constructed - response questions. The Basic Skills test; Assessment of Professional Teaching tests; content - area tests (with the exception of the Special Education General Curriculum Test) Foreign language content - area tests; English Language Proficiency test; and Target Language Proficiency - Spanish test are composed of both multiple - choice and constructed response questions.

The Foreign Language: Arabic, Chinese (Cantonese), Chinese (Mandarin), Japanese, and Korean tests and the Transitional Bilingual Certificate other than Spanish are each composed of solely constructed-response questions. Learning Behavior Specialist II tests also contain only constructed - response questions; this category of test questions are a mix of stand - alone questions and question sets referring to a case study.

Tests for the removal of a Learning Behavior Specialist I Limitation (Educable Mentally Handicapped, Learning Disabilities, Physically Handicapped, Social/Emotional Disorders, and Trainable Mentally Handicapped), and Content - area tests (with the exception of the foreign language content - area tests) and entirely multiple - choice. Candidates interested in success on their initial ICTS tests will plan sufficient, in - depth study time. We have posted numerous free practice test questions, and urge candidates to review them carefully. The free practice test questions will clarify what you know and what you don't, and will also offer a sense of how the selection - response questions are constructed. Register to take the ICTS exam at the ICTS website.

Teaching in Illinois: What You Need to Get Started

Few careers can make such a positive difference in the lives of others as teaching. A teacher has the privilege of opening a child’s mind to the riches of knowledge and helping him realize his own academic and personal potential. As Mark Van Doren so aptly described this process: “The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery.”

For aspiring teachers in Illinois, however, the steps needed to join the ranks of professional educators can seem overwhelming. What does it take to become certified as a teacher in Illinois? Where can you find job openings? What kind of salary can you command as a teacher in Illinois? How can you increase your chances of finding a great teaching job? The answers to these questions may very well determine whether you elect to become a teacher at all.

To help you through the process of becoming a teacher in Illinois, this page contains helpful information about certification requirements, job hunting advice, salary data, and links to educator resources. With the right information, you’ll be one step closer to a satisfying career as a professional educator.

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